Sunday, January 16, 2011

things wont remain the same

as time goes by
people do change
and things just won't remain the same
i wish i could tell you
how much i miss the old time
i know well
you won't listen to me if i want to tell you
we have change kan
we have turn stranger to each other
and i almost forgot what brings us here
one name that i shall never forget
i know
it is my fault
by letting her influence my jugdement towards you
and this is how we end
i tried my best to believe
that things does happened for a reason
but i just can't find any reason
why this things happened to us
i dunno why you seems to hate me now
if that so
i won't say anything about it
bcoz i know
i cannot change what you thought in mind

whatever is it
i wont cry bcoz it's over
i'll smile bcoz it does happened
thanx for everything

ps : i miss you

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