Monday, August 16, 2010

my mama

this morning , i woke up and the first thing that i saw is my mama ,, i smile to her ,, she seems busy doing the housework ,, before i go back to my hostel , she asked me ,, nk bwak bekal x?? nnti bley mkan sahur ,, and i said yes .. she dropped me at bus station ,, after bersalaman with her and my father , i get on the bus ,, weaving my hand to her ,, she smiled ,, when i get back to hostel and unpack my things , i found the bekal that she gave to me ,, so sudden i miss her ,, i ate that nasi and lauk ikan msak merah that she gave me with the feeling of me missing her ,, in front of mr lappy ,i ate while listening to felix af4 - anak song ,, i almost cry , thanx a lot mama , i miss u ,, :(
i love u mama ,, sure i do

Saturday, August 14, 2010

memories >> need to let it go

19 JUNE 2010

i didn't see it's coming
he made me fall in love without me even realized it
it's fun
it's hard to forget
but i realized that i just need to let him go
for our goodness
trust me , it's hurt so much
but i must do it
i wiped my tears every time i miss you
i hate it when you seem so happy with other
but then i realized

you will know that you ♥ someone when you want him to be happy.. even if that means you're not a part of their happiness.
trust me
it's hard
but now i've learned
learned to let you go
learned to move on
you are not mine
i got it now
do whatever you like that make you happy
be with however you want
gonna remember you for the rest of my life
gonna miss you

m.u e

love of the broken heart
amira shazwan

what can i say ??

what can i say , i'm kinda miss him and surprisingly i miss him a lot ,
he know it and i just can't denied it
my heart said just let he know about it but how come ,,
what will he say ,
i wish it is easy but it is not ,,

i am mad at my little sister but she said something that make me think

sampai biler u wanna to keep it as a secret
what should i do then??
i'm speechless when he talk about it yesterday 
feel's like wanna run and hide

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

what happened ??

i can't stop thinking about you
i can't stop looking at your picture
it's like i'm addicted to you

what should i do ?? tell me ,,

i'm speechless , breathless
can i scream i love you  ??
can i tell you i love you ??
can i ??

what will you said if i do ??


Monday, August 9, 2010

the best moments >> miss it a lot ,,

♥♥♥     7 AUGUST 2010     ♥♥♥
how i meet amazing people  >> jan , farah adlin , faizul , salleh , iz , ayie/mafia , nurul 
u guys rawk , miss this moment a lot , ( i mean it :)
it started with the serabut situation at ktm serdang with a lot and lot and lot of ppl there
me searching gift for my father's birthday
meet jan and the rest go mkan2 with them
my bag paper that contain gift for my father tetibe bocor , with help from the insane faizul  
>> fixing the bag paper ( thanx lar giler :) 
accompany farah adlin searching a calculator at pavi
had fun in the book store with the rest
lpak a while at bb then farah adlin is going back with hafiz , after wakaka finish their performance , jan also going back with harry , faizul and the rest
i meet mafia yg mmg nyakitkan ati 2 , iz come and said that she got no transport nak blik
company her until night with ayie and nurul
kene bahan habis-habisan dgn mr mafia but i had fun ♥ ,, :)
best moment and i'm kinda miss it ,, :)
would love to have it again :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

me missing final SHOWDOWN 2010 :(

just now , i've watched again the 8tv catch up for final sd , n i'm kinda sad when the first video come out , the song is like very mendayu-dayu and make me more missing showdown , and i almost crying when i watch alam bgi speech after wakaka won sd , he seems almost cry and i'm totally feel like crying too , but i'm kinda addicted to that video , watch it over and over again, every time i watched it , i still can feel the same feelings >> crying , hahaha , however i miss the most moment when we all wait for wakaka to kuar from that kl live , until 1 am we waited for them , mcam x nak kuar lar plak kan dyowg 2 ,, got time to spend with jan and the rest , antara best moment that i have ,,

DATE : 14 JULY 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

people do change

i thought she gonna be my bff but i was wrong , now she's like completly stranger to me, all because of new fren yang she can "paw" everytime and one guy that i think do not worth her ,i still remember what she said to me, "aku mane suke kapel2 ny , aku x suke lar lelaki" ,, totally LALANG bcoz now she already couple with that kuantan guy and have one scandal , cam 2 kew "x suke kapel n lelaki" ?? now i know , hahaha , whatever lar , just remember this , what you have now is all bcoz of me, so dun you think you got everything , you can "mengade-ngade" with me , i give it to you and surely i can take it back ,

and one more thing , don't you think i'm batak with your scandal , without him i also can survive maaa ,
just dun mess with me k, u want become LALANG or LOSER , that's up to you ,, i dun even give the damn care , pandai buat , pandai tanggung k , i'm done looking over you and i'm done backing you up, so you are on your own ,pape dun looked up for me, that's all

i just wanna sit and watch you do mistakes that you gonna regret all your life ,, sometime i thinking , how could she turn from naif to that kind of girl?? i guess she's not strong enough for all that and terus fall for it ,
or maybe she dun have an sister like me that always giving me opinion on what's best , hahaha , you make urself like this ,so dun blame me if anything happen , i'm just gonna step off and done talking ,

thank you for being LALANG, lucky me for not having bff like u biatch ,,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My First Blog

crazy day today !! haiyo >> imagine this ,u are given the straw and other stuff and u should build a tower using that , and i'm just like WTH ,, lucky me , my group damn sure what to do n they did it .. so proud , hahaha .. it's not the best tower for sure but we did it .. x kisah lar with other group tower too .. hahahaha , damn sure i'm gonna die tomorrow , got presentation and pagi petang classes .. dead meat !! gonna die !! alamak , mcam2 lar kene buat .. first kene buat drama , lucky me for not to faint while doing it , and this !! PRESENTATION !! don't know what to do meyh , must be totally kaku nnti ,, isk2 .. can i skip tomorrow class ??