Saturday, December 25, 2010


no matter what , they just never stop supporting me ..
no matter what , deep inside i know they love me ..
they are my own little familia
              they are my world
             they are my heart
             they are my soul                                       

much respect for him , he's the guy that protect the rest of us and make sure that we are fine

love , love , love for her .. her patient impress me , her love to us is endless ..

siblings ! crazy siblings .. i'm so closed to erra and yes we shared a lots of thingss , she can be a jerk sometimes to me but she is my favorite one , always do sista ! and for sure hafiz , we can get along sometimes but sometimes he just annoyed me around ( =.='')

last but not least , he is the oldest and he is always ''the garang" one but i know , deep inside he just cared for us , his siblings .. CHEERS BRO ! ^^.


i just dunno what to do
refreshing the memories that i had before
i feel terrible bcoz i know it wont remain the same
gosh =/

Thursday, December 23, 2010

days that brings joy

4 & 5 Dec 2010 - LRT Pasar Seni - KUL Sign Festival 


11 Dec 2010 - Bukit Jalil - Jom Heboh

19 DEC 2010 - Auditorium Taman Budaya - Show For Exploitasi Seni Tari

ps : x de banyak gambar myra coz I AM THE CAMERAMAN .. =.='' 

Thursday, December 16, 2010


i thought everything going to be different
but i was wrong
and yes
i repeat the same mistakes
i have promised myself for not to fall in love again

but when i looked at him
for some reason
i have forgotten
all the pain
all the reasons that made myself promised for not falling in love

yes , he different for the first time
and i started to count on him
and for sudden
everything changes
his attitude changed

i'm hurt
i realised that he just turn out to be the same
the same person that hurts me and take me a month to recover

as i tried to recover
at that moment i realised
my sense has gone
i can't feel no more
it's empty
it's just empty
i'm speechless