Thursday, September 9, 2010


i hate this feeling
i miss u badly
what should i do?

i'm lost
this feeling , urm
could u plz go away
it's hurt me so much
i'm not strong
it is not easy to just forget about u

i kept on smiling at u
but trust me
u really have no idea what i feel

i hope someday i will
i will overcome this feelings toward u
right now
i just keep convince myself
everything happened for a reason
have to keep my faith in Allah

i miss u
and i miss u a lot
♥ ♥ ♥ 
19 JUNE 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

dream dream dream

i dream about something that make me scared
i fall in love with him
and he also fall in love with me
we like each other
until one day he proposed me to marry him
i agreed
one day he said wanna do the medical check up
becoz he's seems sick lately
i said okie
then once he back from hospital
he said wanna marry me next week
i wonder why
he never tell me the reason
then we got marry
he seems tired but tried to hide it
that night
he hugs me and said
i wish i can hug u and never let go
i look at him and smile
he said
i'm sorry if i'm not perfect for u
i'm sorry if i have hurt u before
i'm sorry if i'm not always there for u
i'm sorry for everything
"it's okie", i said
if i'm not here anymore plz take care of urself
i looked at him
he smile
then someone come and knock the door
i walked to the door and opened it
it was his bestie
where's him?
"in the room" i said
then he shows the text msg
aku mntax maaf kalo aku ade slap dan slah ngan ko selame ny
ko knal aku dah lame
aku dah anggap ko mcam adik beradik aku sendiri
ko banyak sabar ngan perangai aku
terima kasih sangat-sangat atas segala-galanya
kalo aku dah tak ade kat dunia ni
ko jaga lar mira baek-baek
bahagiakan dia
jangan pernah tinggalkan dia
aku tak mampu nak jaga dia selepas ni
aku kena pergi dulu
masa aku dah sampai
maafkan aku
i cried and run into the room
i tried to wake him up
then i realised
he has gone
i cried and cried until i awake from that dream
ya Allah , harap2 mimpi itu x menjadi kenyataan
i'm so scared

Sunday, September 5, 2010

what a day ,,

tired today
i got to find baju raya for the rest of the familia
at first , qayyum promise me to company me
but last minute he cancel it , need to be somewhere else
surprisingly i'm not mad at him
i guess i'm too tired to do so
or maybe i don't know how to get mad anymore
maybe it is the best to understand him
i guess so
continue with my story for today
as i get there i contact my bestie saff
promise to meet me at times square but sudden he's at sungai wang
as i get there , we hang around mcd sungai wang while doing muke bodo
ala , bukan makan pown >> saff said
meet is and eydan aka abg boojae and their kawan perempuan =.=''
feel kinda shy , i just silent all the way
then for sudden that girl ajak balik
and i'm like what ??
i come here nak shopping lar , x beli ape2 barang pown lagi dah ajak balik
with muke malas nak balik i said
kowang balik lar , i nak g shopping all by myself at times square
the guys did care about it and the girls seems didn't wanna know at all
whatever , i am independent 
can go shopping all by myself
after they got back with monorail , i just walked around
did buy some baju raya for the familia but it didn't complete yet
will continue my shopping raya for familia on monday as i wanna overnite at bb that night
or maybe i just buy some at south city plaza
however can't wait on monday bcoz wanna berbuka puasa at kl sentral ! yay !!
after penat , i go to bb
i think wanna berbuka puasa there but that place was crowded
i walked back to times square and seems like oldtown pown dah penuh
nak berbuka kat mane ni , perut dah berdangdut
then i just walked to 7e , buy 2 kotak milo and take a monorail back to kl sentral
too tired until tertido in ktm , hehe >> nasib baik x terlepas
sampai hostel terus singgah kedai makan and makan ! :D
that's all
totally tiring day , 
and i wonder , bile mase plak c mafia tu nampak aku ??
aku pown x perasan dia
he can tell the whole outfit that i'm wearing
impossible to say that he's lying

Saturday, September 4, 2010

my heart my soul

look outside the window and say
what did u see ??
look on the street and say
what did u see ??

the day passes without me even realized it
kinda buz with my kolej life i think
when i look outside the window , on the street
i started to think about myself
what i've done for all this years
just being me i guess
lot of things has happened
as the feeling that i hate doesn't go away
i am so lost when that feeling do come
i helpless
may god give me strength to overcome u
and maybe one day i will become stronger
have a faith in Allah
He knows the best