Thursday, January 27, 2011

imma keeping this story for a long timee
idk why i wanna share it this time around
okay , here we go

i first meet him at bukit bintang
and yes i still remember the date
after that we kept chatting on facebook
tweeting each other
and then come along this biatch

yes , he has known her before he knows me
idk why i'm letting she tears me apart
and idk why i trust her more that i trust him
i still keep all the msj in my fb inbox
she said that he is THE PLAYER
and many p'puan dah nanges sebab dy

and i am SO STUPID to trust her that time
HE has opened my heart to investigate this thing first
i just found out everything she tell me about he , it's all lies!
i cried bcoz i have done mistake
i call him a liar bcoz i though he is the player
and that make us apart

i tried make things better
i go and meet him
asked for an apology
he seems okay
but things wont remain the same
we dont remain the same
i dunno what else to do
he said that i've change while i said that he has change
and then i tried seek help from his fren

and ternyata things went wrong
idk why i make a desicion to couple with his fren
that thing has ruined everything!
everytime i asked something to him
he say "tanya lar bf you tu"
i'm confius
is he mad at me bcoz i'm with other??
i thought we are just fren
you juga kan yg ckap to my sister

and then you have decided to have a relationship with this girl
and that just it
we are never been the same again
i have lost you kan

and months later
those feelings towards you come back
idk why it hurting me so much this time around
i cried and cried
until i'm too tired to cried anymore
i misss you and i just can't tell you that
you have become complete stranger to me

and when i thought i have loose you
and when we are apart
something happened
we go hang together
and that time i felt like we have back to the old time
we laugh together
but still i felt like there are something blocking
there's like a wall there
between me and you
and when those moments pass away
we back to become a stranger to each other

i looked at you eyes
at time you looked at me
i know that eyes
there's a person inside the eyes
and i miss that person
it just you are not that person
person that i used to know
idk why you acted so different this time

that's the story
feel free to share what you thought about this

the end
ps : i miss you

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