Tuesday, January 25, 2011

showdown 2011

not much to say now about showdown
predacon make it to battle stage
they did not make it to meltdown stage
while waiting for the judge's desicion
i can see one thing
i see ayie's face
he is hoping
only god know how he feels that time

things dah pown happened
no way we can turn back time
just hoping that this will be a lesson for predacon squadz
lesson to be a better crew next tyme around

Our mistakes will be a lesson for our future ,We lost the battle for the showdown 2011, and are not selected for the meltdown does not mean we will stop here ...
We will practice again, and training hard and do better for the next competition in the future ...


bboy mixzteen predacon squadz

in a beginning , everything will start with a mistake first because with that you can repair your weakness and everything to make it perfect


bboy l predacon wakaka

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