Thursday, January 6, 2011


go ahead
text him first
he might be checking his phone , waiting for you
stare into the eyes of the person you like and memorize the color
turn on your ipod and run as far as you can
say hi to a stranger , you never know what thet'll become to you
have a mental health day - you know you need it
don't go on a facebook for a day and see what you can accomplish
give money to a charity , your good karma will come around eventually
sneak out , you might get caught , but it'll be 100% worth it
tell that one person that you like then , what's the worst can happen?
he doen't like you back?
then he doesn't deserve you anyway , right ?
treat yourself to something indulgent , you deserve it
smile at a stranger , it could make their day
wink , it's sexy and makes you feel confident , after all , you are pretty , hot ;)
go for somebody who is totally wrong for you
they may not be totally wrong after all
stand up for yourself, because if you don't . who will?
moral of the story is it's 2011 , start living your dream life that you've always wanted
after all , YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE

thanx AMY ZAINAL for this
it's giving me an inspiration

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