Wednesday, August 4, 2010

people do change

i thought she gonna be my bff but i was wrong , now she's like completly stranger to me, all because of new fren yang she can "paw" everytime and one guy that i think do not worth her ,i still remember what she said to me, "aku mane suke kapel2 ny , aku x suke lar lelaki" ,, totally LALANG bcoz now she already couple with that kuantan guy and have one scandal , cam 2 kew "x suke kapel n lelaki" ?? now i know , hahaha , whatever lar , just remember this , what you have now is all bcoz of me, so dun you think you got everything , you can "mengade-ngade" with me , i give it to you and surely i can take it back ,

and one more thing , don't you think i'm batak with your scandal , without him i also can survive maaa ,
just dun mess with me k, u want become LALANG or LOSER , that's up to you ,, i dun even give the damn care , pandai buat , pandai tanggung k , i'm done looking over you and i'm done backing you up, so you are on your own ,pape dun looked up for me, that's all

i just wanna sit and watch you do mistakes that you gonna regret all your life ,, sometime i thinking , how could she turn from naif to that kind of girl?? i guess she's not strong enough for all that and terus fall for it ,
or maybe she dun have an sister like me that always giving me opinion on what's best , hahaha , you make urself like this ,so dun blame me if anything happen , i'm just gonna step off and done talking ,

thank you for being LALANG, lucky me for not having bff like u biatch ,,

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