Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My First Blog

crazy day today !! haiyo >> imagine this ,u are given the straw and other stuff and u should build a tower using that , and i'm just like WTH ,, lucky me , my group damn sure what to do n they did it .. so proud , hahaha .. it's not the best tower for sure but we did it .. x kisah lar with other group tower too .. hahahaha , damn sure i'm gonna die tomorrow , got presentation and pagi petang classes .. dead meat !! gonna die !! alamak , mcam2 lar kene buat .. first kene buat drama , lucky me for not to faint while doing it , and this !! PRESENTATION !! don't know what to do meyh , must be totally kaku nnti ,, isk2 .. can i skip tomorrow class ??

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