Monday, August 16, 2010

my mama

this morning , i woke up and the first thing that i saw is my mama ,, i smile to her ,, she seems busy doing the housework ,, before i go back to my hostel , she asked me ,, nk bwak bekal x?? nnti bley mkan sahur ,, and i said yes .. she dropped me at bus station ,, after bersalaman with her and my father , i get on the bus ,, weaving my hand to her ,, she smiled ,, when i get back to hostel and unpack my things , i found the bekal that she gave to me ,, so sudden i miss her ,, i ate that nasi and lauk ikan msak merah that she gave me with the feeling of me missing her ,, in front of mr lappy ,i ate while listening to felix af4 - anak song ,, i almost cry , thanx a lot mama , i miss u ,, :(
i love u mama ,, sure i do

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