Monday, August 9, 2010

the best moments >> miss it a lot ,,

♥♥♥     7 AUGUST 2010     ♥♥♥
how i meet amazing people  >> jan , farah adlin , faizul , salleh , iz , ayie/mafia , nurul 
u guys rawk , miss this moment a lot , ( i mean it :)
it started with the serabut situation at ktm serdang with a lot and lot and lot of ppl there
me searching gift for my father's birthday
meet jan and the rest go mkan2 with them
my bag paper that contain gift for my father tetibe bocor , with help from the insane faizul  
>> fixing the bag paper ( thanx lar giler :) 
accompany farah adlin searching a calculator at pavi
had fun in the book store with the rest
lpak a while at bb then farah adlin is going back with hafiz , after wakaka finish their performance , jan also going back with harry , faizul and the rest
i meet mafia yg mmg nyakitkan ati 2 , iz come and said that she got no transport nak blik
company her until night with ayie and nurul
kene bahan habis-habisan dgn mr mafia but i had fun ♥ ,, :)
best moment and i'm kinda miss it ,, :)
would love to have it again :)

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