Saturday, August 14, 2010

memories >> need to let it go

19 JUNE 2010

i didn't see it's coming
he made me fall in love without me even realized it
it's fun
it's hard to forget
but i realized that i just need to let him go
for our goodness
trust me , it's hurt so much
but i must do it
i wiped my tears every time i miss you
i hate it when you seem so happy with other
but then i realized

you will know that you ♥ someone when you want him to be happy.. even if that means you're not a part of their happiness.
trust me
it's hard
but now i've learned
learned to let you go
learned to move on
you are not mine
i got it now
do whatever you like that make you happy
be with however you want
gonna remember you for the rest of my life
gonna miss you

m.u e

love of the broken heart
amira shazwan

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