Thursday, August 5, 2010

me missing final SHOWDOWN 2010 :(

just now , i've watched again the 8tv catch up for final sd , n i'm kinda sad when the first video come out , the song is like very mendayu-dayu and make me more missing showdown , and i almost crying when i watch alam bgi speech after wakaka won sd , he seems almost cry and i'm totally feel like crying too , but i'm kinda addicted to that video , watch it over and over again, every time i watched it , i still can feel the same feelings >> crying , hahaha , however i miss the most moment when we all wait for wakaka to kuar from that kl live , until 1 am we waited for them , mcam x nak kuar lar plak kan dyowg 2 ,, got time to spend with jan and the rest , antara best moment that i have ,,

DATE : 14 JULY 2010

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