Wednesday, March 16, 2011

crazy week !!
bnyak bende yg jadi minggu lepas
first my grandmother on my abah side masuk hospital
and she dalam keadaan nazak gyla ;(
the doctor is trying their best to keep things running for her
now she is place at HDU
i don't really know what mean for HDU
but they are placing 4 nurses for 1 patient
i'm praying everything's going smooth for her
then me , erra and my parents going to kl last friday
then me and erra is doing crazy hang out at bb
erra dah masuk air
sume dy tegur even tak kenal ;p
and bile "abg shakey" dy ajak g minum
boleh plak buffering kat situ
ngok btullah
mengilak dan mengilak sampai ahad
oh ya
thanx kim coz tumpangkan kiteorang!
peace !

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