Sunday, September 5, 2010

what a day ,,

tired today
i got to find baju raya for the rest of the familia
at first , qayyum promise me to company me
but last minute he cancel it , need to be somewhere else
surprisingly i'm not mad at him
i guess i'm too tired to do so
or maybe i don't know how to get mad anymore
maybe it is the best to understand him
i guess so
continue with my story for today
as i get there i contact my bestie saff
promise to meet me at times square but sudden he's at sungai wang
as i get there , we hang around mcd sungai wang while doing muke bodo
ala , bukan makan pown >> saff said
meet is and eydan aka abg boojae and their kawan perempuan =.=''
feel kinda shy , i just silent all the way
then for sudden that girl ajak balik
and i'm like what ??
i come here nak shopping lar , x beli ape2 barang pown lagi dah ajak balik
with muke malas nak balik i said
kowang balik lar , i nak g shopping all by myself at times square
the guys did care about it and the girls seems didn't wanna know at all
whatever , i am independent 
can go shopping all by myself
after they got back with monorail , i just walked around
did buy some baju raya for the familia but it didn't complete yet
will continue my shopping raya for familia on monday as i wanna overnite at bb that night
or maybe i just buy some at south city plaza
however can't wait on monday bcoz wanna berbuka puasa at kl sentral ! yay !!
after penat , i go to bb
i think wanna berbuka puasa there but that place was crowded
i walked back to times square and seems like oldtown pown dah penuh
nak berbuka kat mane ni , perut dah berdangdut
then i just walked to 7e , buy 2 kotak milo and take a monorail back to kl sentral
too tired until tertido in ktm , hehe >> nasib baik x terlepas
sampai hostel terus singgah kedai makan and makan ! :D
that's all
totally tiring day , 
and i wonder , bile mase plak c mafia tu nampak aku ??
aku pown x perasan dia
he can tell the whole outfit that i'm wearing
impossible to say that he's lying

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