Thursday, October 28, 2010

not giving up

i've not updating blog for ages!
for sure there's a lot things has happened
no need to mention it here
i almost lost my faith
i cried a lot
i fall apart for a moment

but god loves me ♥

when i'm down
when i'm hurt
when there is the world against me
there's always people that trust me
support me all the way
i grow stronger now
i can see what's best for me now

Mama & Abah
They know what's best
They make me feel better

Fifie Safinah
From the beggining , she's never stop supporting me . Advice me on what's best . Thanx dear !

She's the one that company me last friday . We supposed to tell the truth about that devil to mr but we didn't get a chance to do so . We walked in the rain together , such a sweet memory =)

my bestie , from the first she told me
"trust no one but urself"

Mr Joe Nerd
he never knows the story but he always do have faith in me
he's full of joke and never stop make me smile , all the time

Iskandar Halim
the brother , that always there for me

they can choose to leave me
they can choose to not believe in me
they can just walk away
but they never did

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  1. wahh!! akk ngan abg j0e arghhh best nya .....
    akk adek beradik dgn abg kim ekk ...
    best lah akk punya bl0g....